Project Management


HOME STAGING: RENOVATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT If the homeowners want to proceed with recommendations from the Home Staging Consultation, Rubix Home Design representatives will perform Project Management duties. For example, if you need new flooring we will specify and purchase the new material (within the approved budget) and secure a labor quote from the necessary subcontractor.

We will then schedule delivery and installation dates. We provide design services for all aesthetic remodels including paint, wallcovering, window treatments, carpet, hard surfaces, light fixtures, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and more. Please note that if there will be construction/demolition, a contractor is also needed. Pricing is estimated based on findings from the Home Staging Consultation and varies depending on the project. A free project management estimate can be determined after updates are agreed upon from the consultation. This can, but does not always lead to a Home Staging Re-Design or Full-Service Staging.